No chocolate milk at school lunch? Decatur school commitee proposes changes

5:46 PM, Sep 4, 2012   |    comments
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More Georgia children than ever before accept free or reduced school lunches. The city of Decatur commissioned a summer-long study on how to make those meals healthier.

One of the suggestions? Eliminate chocolate milk.

The 12-person "Ultimate Menu Committee" published the results of their study on the school district's web site. They are proposing, among other things, eliminating chocolate milk in grades K-through-3 and getting rid of muffins, pancakes, waffles, French toast, chicken nuggets, shrimp poppers, and chips for all students.

The committee worked by eight guiding principles, most of which focused on using local, seasonal, organic, and minimally processed foods.

"There are some healthier alternatives out there," said Dr. Kiawana Kennedy, curriculum director for City of Decatur Schools. "It doesn't mean that's what will happen, but it gives us an opportunity to start this dialogue and conversation."

The committee's presentation was on the agenda for Monday's school board meeting. School district officials said the board would not be making any official policy changes that night; if anything, they would be commissioning further efforts to find out if the recommendations could feasibly be instituted across the district.

Officials also stressed parents would be involved in the process throughout. Eight parents served on the committee that produced these recommendations.

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