Chipper saves the day, again

11:28 PM, Sep 3, 2012   |    comments
Atlanta Braves third baseman Chipper Jones (10) checks the scoreboard against the Philadelphia Phillies during the third inning at Citizens Bank Park. (Dale Zanine-US PRESSWIRE)
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TURNER FIELD -- As they file into the lunchtime game, the afterglow remains.

Ask about last night's game against the Phillies and they tell you, "It was just amazing." "Awesome awesome awesome."

Ben Gavin was watching the game from his couch in Augusta.

"I was jumping up and down I couldn't believe it. And I brought my wife in, and rewound it and made her watch it."

Awesome and unbelievable are becoming well used words when it comes to Chipper Jones in his final season with the team.

Going into the 9th inning of a three game series against the Phillies, the Braves were four runs down. By the time Chipper batted, two runs had scored and two men were out, and the Braves were still down by two.

That's when Chipper capped off the improbable comeback with a three run homer to win the game.

"Heck no, I wasn't expecting it, down 7-1, we're already trying to figure out how we can shorten the post game show by doing the elements in the 9th inning."

Braves radio announcer and Hall of fame pitcher Don Sutton says Chipper is playing like a man who sees the finish line -- that his level of play as retirement nears is not only remarkable, it's unusual. And so regarding last night, "Looking back on it, I think the right word is not to say that I expected it, but the right statement after seeing it is I shouldn't be surprised."

It's enough to make fans wonder if chipper would reconsider retirement.

And when Chipper was asked yet again, just moments after the game, he said, "I've had my time. It's somebody else's time. I've enjoyed every single minute of it. I've loved playing in front of these fans. Thank you to these fans for sticking around and believing in us." Then he pointed at the camera. "For those that left, shame on you, you missed a great one!"

One fan took video of Chipper's homerun and as he ran the bases the man screamed, "Don't miss the magic! Don't miss the magic!"

Don't miss the magic. It's drawing to a spectacular close.

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