Hosea Feed the Hungry provides a 'Labor of Love'

7:23 PM, Sep 3, 2012   |    comments
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ATLANTA, Ga. -- More than 2,000 people showed up for Hosea Feed the Hungry's Labor of Love event on Monday.

In fact, organizer Elizabeth Omilami said nearly a hundred people were lined up hours before registration even opened.

"That tells you how great a need there is.  We've got people who can't get jobs, but also folks who have jobs but don't make enough to survive," said Omilami.

To ease that burden volunteers offered bags of food and for the first time also fresh fruits and vegetables.

Omilami said Kaiser Permanente helped with a grant that provided Hosea money to go buy fresh produce. 

"We have what are called fresh food deserts in the community with the people we serve. They don't have fresh produce or it's too expensive and they won't buy it," said Omilami.

Another first was encorporating a job fair where a handful of companies, including Goodwill of North Georgia and Mary Kay Cosmetics, met with prospective employees.  The Georgia Department of Labor offered free resume help and tips on how to handle job interviews.

It is the job component of the event that interested Omar Lee.

"Right now I work at the McDonalds on Cleveland Avenue, but I feel like I'm under employed.  This is a good opportunity to upgrade," said Lee.

Mother of three Shatoya Harris said almost the same thing. She has a job, but is looking for something different to accomodate her child care needs.

"I'm hoping to find something more stable.  For a lot of people here, we are employed but it is still a struggle to have enough money to last the whole month until the next pay period," said Harris.

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