Hurricane Preparedness Starts In McDonough

10:14 PM, Aug 23, 2012   |    comments
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At the Home Depot's Hurricane Command Center in Atlanta people work around the clock when a tropical system is about to hit to make sure that the areas most affected by the storm are fully prepared both before and after the storm. Those preparations for disaster relief begin at their distribution center in McDonough.

"So all the products you see behind me right now: the generators, the water, the batteries, all of those products were actually loaded in June to be ready to go for any disaster that might have come up," explains the Supply Chain Operations Director, Scott Sangrey. "Whether it's a hurricane, a tornado, or a flood, or anything that's deemed an emergency response [we're ready]. We have a four hour window that we're allotted to actually allocate, pick, and ship all the product to get it on a truck moving in the direction of the stores that are deemed to be in need."

Those supplies leave the central Georgia warehouse and are shipped to anywhere in the country where there is a need. Now, Scott also mentioned how many people come in to get generators either in preparation for the storm or after, but what many people forget.....the gas to run it! So they also stock many red gas cans and remind people that you will need to have an extra supply of fuel to sustain any long term power outages.

If Isaac continues to track towards the panhandle of Florida and up into Georgia, power outages may be something residents need to consider in our area as well.

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