Misconduct charges fly in final Clayton Sheriff debate

4:01 PM, Aug 20, 2012   |    comments
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ATLANTA, GA-- Clayton County sheriff Kem Kimbrough says crime, and the management of criminals, ought to be the biggest issue in his race against former sheriff Victor Hill.

And Hill says crime is his top issue leading into Tuesday's runoff election. So in some ways, their final debate V-103 radio Monday may have left some voters a little puzzled.

Like the 37 count criminal indictment pending against Hill. It came up again and again. A "diabolical re-election plan," is how Hill described the indictment. "The allegations are false. How do you charge a person with stealing a sheriff's car that's assigned to him three times in ten days?" Hill asked.

"Yeah, taking a sheriff's car to the Beau Rivage casino," Kimbrough retorted.

"That's not stealing a sheriff's car," Hill interjected.

"Using county resources to pay for his own personal stuff," Kimbrough answered. "That's what he was indicted for."

Even when they talked about crime, the candidates talked about issues other than crime.

"One thing we agree on." Hill said. "This race is not about an illegitimate child he had. I'm not going to ask for a DNA test." Hill referred repeatedly to a lawsuit filed against Kimbrough alleging sexual misconduct; Kimbrough says Hill "put up" a supporter to file the suit to embarrass Kimbrough.

"There's no documents, no pictures. There's nothing," Kimbrough said. "I go home every day to my wife and children."

So the debate strayed just a little bit, which Kimbrough called an "unfortunate... sidelight" following the debate.

Meantime, Hill reiterated what he called the main issue: "And that's about crime."

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