"Emergency" petition filed in Sneiderman case

2:48 AM, Aug 4, 2012   |    comments
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Video: Sneiderman Custody Battle

Andrea Sneiderman was taken to DeKalb County Jail in shackles Thursday.

ATLANTA, Ga. -- There was more legal action today in what has now become the Andrea Sneiderman murder case.  She's accused of murder -- of helping Hemy Neuman gun down her husband Rusty at a Dunwoody day care.

Now the victim's parents are asking for emergency custody of the two Sneiderman children.

The emergency petition asks for a court to remove the custody of Andrea Sneiderman's two children from her parents and give custody to the late Rusty Sneiderman's parents. The petition, filed on behalf of Marilyn and Donald Sneiderman, alleges that Andrea Sneiderman's family obstructed the initial investigation of Rusty Sneiderman's murder in November 2010.

Thursday, Andrea Sneiderman was indicted and arrested for allegedly conspiring with Hemy Neuman to murder her husband. The petition says that even if Mrs. Sneiderman is released on bond, her "bizarre and unstable behavior" and the "incessant media spectacle" make it best for the children to leave Atlanta and live with Rusty Sneiderman's parents.  Andrea Sneiderman has a bond hearing August 21.


Hemy Neuman is currently serving a life sentence for Rusty Sneiderman's murder. Through his attorneys, he admitted to the killing, citing a madness created by his alleged affair with Mrs. Sneiderman. In court, she denied the affair, but made other statements that led prosecutors and defense attorneys to conclude she was a co-conspirator.

Now that Mrs. Sneiderman faces her own murder trial -- the star witness against her could be Hemy Neuman.  "From the day after Hemy Neuman's arrest, he expressed a willingness to talk and to be cooperative, which he has," said Neuman's defense attorney Doug Peters.

"The fact now that they are charging Andrea with what we said she should be held accountable for is very significant," said Peters.

Neuman's attorney say they spoke repeatedly with prosecutors in the weeks leading up to Thursday's indictment of Andrea Sneiderman -- but they say prosecutors haven't spoken to Hemy Neuman himself since his murder conviction in March.

Would Neuman be a credible witness? His attorneys sidestepped that question. Andrea Sneiderman's defense attorneys would stress his embrace of the insanity plea in his own murder trial -- and probably make his cross examination her murder trial's highlight.

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