Atlanta Forensic Artist honored by Police Chiefs

9:18 PM, Jul 26, 2012   |    comments
Photo courtesy AP
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ATLANTA -- Underground Atlanta street artist Marla Lawson was presented a special honor for her achievements as a Forensic Artist by the Georgia Association Chiefs of Police on Tuesday.

According to the GACP, President Stan York honored Lawson for her invaluable contributions to law enforcement, particularly to police chiecfs. Lawson received her recognition at GACP's 50th Anniversary Banquet.

The GACP reported that Lawson began working for the Atlanta Police Department in 1976 as a typist. Next, she began producing composite sketches for Atlanta, Georgia Bureau of Investigation and some other agencies in Georgia in 1985, then became employed by the GBI in 1997.

Her sketches have been used in profile cases including James Samuel Walraven (the "Bathtub Murderer"), Wayne Williams, William Anthony Lipham, Anthony "Amp" Wiley, John Alexander Scieszka (the "Five Points Rapist") and James Sullivan, according to GACP. They said Lawson sketches 200 - 300 sketches per year.

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