Who's behind the pricey ads supporting T-SPLOST?

10:49 AM, Jul 12, 2012   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- The committee behind the television ads and billboards that urge voters to support T-SPLOST and "Untie Atlanta" have raised millions of dollars.

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But if you look on the state's ethics website, you won't find any information about who's behind the money.

Citizens for Transportation Mobility, Inc. registered with the state as a local ballot committee, so it doesn't have to compile any campaign contribution disclosure reports until 15 days before the election.

"I think that's just under the table. They're not doing what they're supposed to be doing," said Steve Brown, a spokesman for the Transportation Leadership Coalition, L.L.C., a grassroots group that opposes T-SPLOST.

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It registered as a statewide ballot committee, which means it is required to compile campaign disclosure reports three times before the election: 75 days out, 45 days out and 15 days out.

The state ethics website shows contributions by individuals totaling about $6,600 so far.

"We give all our records out. We cite all our references. They should be doing the same thing," Brown said. 

Representatives of Citizens for Transportation Mobility said the group registered as a local committee instead of a state committee because they're focused only on the 10-county metro Atlanta region, not the entire state.

11Alive News did get some campaign finance information from the group behind Untie Atlanta.

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Citizens for Transportation Mobility gave 11Alive's Jennifer Leslie a list of companies that have donated more than $4 million to support T-SPLOST.

Georgia Power, Coca-Cola, Cox Enterprises and the Georgia Association of Realtors have each given more than $250,000.

By law, the entire list with names and amounts will be posted on the state ethics website by July 23.

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