Limbs and leaves litter Henry County community

6:44 PM, Jul 4, 2012   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- The power is back on, but a section of Grove Road in Locust Grove south of Atlanta remains closed until the city can remove a fallen tree.  

The tree knocked down power for about six hours Tuesday night.  Wednesday morning neighbors came out to survey the damage.  Most yards were littered with leave and limbs forcing families to drag out their chainsaws.

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The storm knocked down a brick business sign in front of Peter Knox's home and damaged his roof.

"I had a busted window, I already fixed that this morning," said Knox.

Peter Knox also saw lightning strike a tree while visiting another home about a mile away.  "Big strike and whoa! My daughter did a backflip and you could see bark fly across the road," Knox said.

Across the street, Ida Lou Sims started to repot her plants, but there wasn't anything she could do for the pecan tree she and her husband planted 55 years ago.

"The wind was awful, I mean awful," Sims said. "I have never seen wind blow like the wind blew last night.  We were watching the news to see what the weather was going to be and all the sudden we had no electricity."

Sims said Tuesday night's storm was double trouble. On Sunday hail hit her tomato plants.

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