These running shoes were made for exploring...

9:35 PM, Jun 26, 2012   |    comments
  • Piedmont Park
  • The golf course at Chastain
  • Tennis courts at Chastain in Buckhead
  • Pretty flowers at Piedmont Park
  • Central Park in New York City
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I'm not a fan of elliptical machines or treadmills. Rather than feeling empowered by the fancy screen that tells me how far I've jogged and how many calories I've burned, it drives me to the brink of boredom. Although the monitor might tell me I've logged 1.5 miles, I don't feel like I've gone anywhere.

That's precisely why I prefer jogging outside. Just like my passion for travel, jogging allows me to see and experience new things. I can admire beautiful homes, appreciate pretty flowers and trees, marvel at the men and women who are far superior athletes than I could ever be. 

Chastain in Buckhead is one of my favorite places. Years ago I played tennis there. I've popped by more times than I can count to visit the horses. Lately, I'm jogging the path that loops around the baseball diamonds, tennis courts and golf course. I get a nice rush when I've completed the full circle and actually traveled somewhere.

I also love jogging around Piedmont Park. The park expansion is just fabulous and I enjoy looking at everything from the beautiful flowers to the trails tucked near the expansive dog parks.

Several years ago, when I was pretty diligent about doing 5K runs, I logged quite a few miles when traveling for work and play. I have fond memories of jogging through fields in Schwerin, Germany, completing a 5K in Anchorage and jogging through the early morning mist in Beijing. More recently, I enjoyed jogging the trails in Manhattan's Central Park.

While I don't anticipate being as dedicated to jogging after July 4, I hope to maintain the ability to complete a 5K with ease. It will be a great way maintain good health and be prepared to explore everything from Atlanta's great parks to the new terrain when I travel.

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