Aimee Copeland feeling 'phantom pain'

5:07 PM, Jun 7, 2012   |    comments
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AUGUSTA, Ga. -- After weeks of upbeat updates about Aimee Copeland, the University of West Georgia grad student who has lost her hands, left leg and right foot to flesh eating bacteria, her father says "the proverbial poopy hit the fan for Aimee."

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"This past week Aimee had struggled mightily," Andy Copeland blogged Monday. "Although her condition had improved significantly, her pain has been considerable. Phantom pain now plagues her 'hands'. Although she has no hands, her brain is apparently still telling her body that the hands are there. If you recall, I told you that her fingers had necrotized and that her hands were puffy and purple. That is what she now feels. I asked her if she could describe the pain and she told me, "it feels like I have been carrying bags of rocks." Wow. Imagine carrying bags of rocks for days on end and never being able to release them. You know how your fingers freeze up and you want to extend them? She can't do that. She said her 'fingers' feel contorted and twisted. Nothing really helps her pain much. Some of the pain medication makes her sick to her stomach and she winds up vomiting. Like I said, she has struggled mightily."

Her father said the 24-year-old who had laughed and smiled early on was suddenly "lashing out at her care givers, she was in pain, she was sick to her stomach, she was unable to tend to her own basic needs and she was very unhappy. She had every right to be unhappy."

However, she didn't stay that way.

"By Thursday afternoon, Aimee's misery had come full circle," Andy Copeland said. "She knew that many things were beyond her control and that fighting those who cared for her was not the solution. She prayed and meditated on this and she told me she was overcome by peace. She realized that she had to give in to something much bigger than herself. I asked her what she meant and she said that she surrendered her will and submitted to the will of God. She knew that anger was not the answer. She knows that God is in control."

By Friday, her dad said the nurses noted Aimee was back to "her normal sweet self. They were perplexed and questioned whether a change in her medications was the reason. We know the real reason. Prayer has changed and will continue to change much over the coming days, weeks, months and years."

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