Aimee Copeland doesn't get how big a deal she is

3:36 PM, May 31, 2012   |    comments
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Aimee Copeland

AUGUSTA, Ga. -- For weeks, her heroic battle against a flesh eating bacterial infection has prompted nationwide news coverage, not to mention hundreds of thousands of social media posts.

And yet, the University of West Georgia graduate student who has come to terms with the loss of her leg, both feet and both hands can still not grasp how the world has embraced her.

Blood Drive Information:
As Aimee Copeland continues her courageous fight tonight against flesh eating bacteria, she faces more surgeries that will require vital life-saving blood transfusions. 

To insure that blood supplies remain high, the 11Alive Help Desk is teaming up with the American Red Cross for a special Blood Drive in honor of Aimee. 

It will be held Friday June 8th, from 1-6p.m. at the Snellville Middle School, where Aimee was a Student. 

Please mark your calendar and plan to be part of this important life-saving effort. 

After your donation, you will be able to sign a personal card that will be given to Aimee and her family. 

Snellville Middle School
3155 Pate Road
Snellville, Ga.  30078

You can also sign up through the American Red Cross website by clicking here.

"I don't think she understands how big it is because she hasn't had access to the newspapers," said her dad Andy Copeland. "We haven't been showing her all the hits you get when you type Aimee Copeland into a computer. She hasn't watched any news broadcasts. But we have told her about it; we have shared that with her. In fact, her doctor came in the other day and said Aimee, you oughta know you're on the news more than [President] Barack Obama. She was stunned to hear that."

It is no longer what happened to Aimee that makes her story so popular, but her reaction to it. Her decision in the face of adversity to move forward.

"She has a really bright future, so smart," said her sister Paige Copeland.

Others say it is her faith and her strong family that have helped her to focus not on what's she's lost, but the fact that she's still alive.

Family and friends say that has always been her outlook.

"Live life as strongly as you can while you're here because it's so short," said her friend Whitney Hall. "She really felt that while you're here, you're not promised every day."



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