Tougher laws proposed for teen drivers

9:01 AM, May 31, 2012   |    comments
A teen driver with a driving instructor (AP photo)
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ATLANTA -- A new study says that tougher laws against teen drivers could drastically reduce car accidents.

The Insurance Institute of Highway Safety has proposed five changes that the group says could save more than 500 lives and prevent more than 9,500 collisions nationwide every year.

The proposals include:

* Raising the permit age to 16
* Raising the license age to 17
* Requiring 65 practice driving hours
* Changing the driving restriction to 8 p.m.
* No longer allowing teenage passengers

Georgia currently has only one of the five tougher laws -- no teenage passengers.

The state only requires 40 practice hours, has a midnight driving restriction, and has a permit age of 15 and license age of 16.

The IIHS study says if Georgia adopts the other four laws, it would drop collision claims by 18 percent and deadly crashes by 32 percent.

To learn more about the proposed laws, click here.


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