PARKatlanta may soon be on 24-hour patrol

10:18 PM, May 2, 2012   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- PARKatlanta has proposed some changes, and local business owners think, if passed, these changes will hurt their businesses and deter customers.

"Right now we have 7 p.m. enforcement on the meters and they're wanting to take it to 24 hours," said Grant Henry, an O4W business owner. "[Customers] wouldn't come. We would not be able to have a business on Edgewood Avenue."

The first proposal limits overtime parking, which means if a spot is marked "three hour MAX", you cannot feed the meter after those three hours are up. You'll be forced to move your car. 

And the second proposal affects when parking is enforced. If the proposal is passed PARKatlanta would be able to enforce parking rules 24 hours, every day, except Sundays. 

PARKatlanta will hold a host of meetings with community members and business owners to get input before they make any changes.  

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