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NetWeaving is a decade old concept which - with permission of the author of the book - is now known globally as the 'business' version of Pay It Forward. NetWeaving takes the concept of 'networking' and flips it completely around. Instead of asking "How can this person help ME?" A NetWeaver is always asking him or herself, "Who do I know who might benefit meeting and knowing this person?" But the key difference is that the 'action step' of NetWeaving is making that introduction happen by setting up a NetWeaving "Hosting" meeting to introduce the two persons to each other. When one or both the persons who have been connected usually turn the table on their host at some point, asking "How can we help YOU?" A true NetWeaver just responds: "Why don't the two of you just agree to each host a meeting to introduce each other to someone she/he would benefit meeting, or just two other people, and then do as I'm doing, and ask each of them to 'pay it forward' and do the same.



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