Restaurant Health Inspection Reports

2:56 PM, Mar 12, 2012   |    comments
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  • This score was from a health inspection report on March 1, 2012. That's not what was on the wall inside the restaurant.
 PDF Document: Dantanna's Follow up Inspection

ATLANTA -Restaurant health inspection scores are supposed to be posted where the public can see them.  However,we are beginning to see a pattern when a restaurant's score low. It's not posted. This week's Food Fighters found that Dantanna's in Buckhead was pushing the boundaries by displaying a score from 2010.  The restaurant was posting an A even though it's two previous scores were a B and Unsatisfactory.

 IN DEPTH | Restaurant inspection reports

A re-inspection was done on March 12 and Dantanna's has moved back up to an A with a score of 94.

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