Indie filmmaking booming in Atlanta

4:12 PM, Feb 10, 2012   |    comments
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New video tech has opened doors for an army of new filmmakers in Atlanta.

ATLANTA -- Video technology is literally changing in a flash.

Gone are the days when you had to use a big camera that cost tens of thousands of dollars. Now you can get them for a dime on the dollar, and most don't even use tape.

That new video tech has opened doors for an army of new filmmakers in Atlanta.

"This new technology allows us to be in and out quick," said director John P. Wheatley. "It's guerilla-style shooting but still with a high-end quality finish."

Chances are you've never heard of Wheatley. But chances are equally good that you will.

In fact, international rap artist Kardinal already has. That's why the rapper's in Atlanta -- to shoot his new video with Wheatley.

"I flew in from Toronto to work with my man John P. Wheatley, and he does a lot of things," Kardinal said. "The crew decided today to film a video for an up-and-coming project that I have called 'Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself.' And really, we were just going around Atlanta shooting today, and really, it's just that easy."

And the impact of a good music video is an advertiser's and artist's dream. For example, another music video with Kardinal and Akon has more than 50 million views on YouTube alone.

"I've shot videos that cost two or three-hundred thousand dollars," Kardinal said. "But with the recent influx of new technologies and affordable technologies, you can do these videos really anywhere."

Wheatley is also shooting a new movie in addition to his music videos, opening up what was once an elite genre to anyone with the new tools of the trade.

"Back in the day, it was the big film-style cameras with a film reel," he said. "You had three and four people on-set. Now it's just one and two people on-set instead of having the whole crew, and that cuts costs; that saves a lot of money on the budget. [The camera] is lighter, and it's easier to maneuver. You get cool shots and keep the production looking like it was in the 200-300-thousand dollar range."

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