REVIEW: J. Edgar

12:03 PM, Nov 11, 2011   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- "J. Edgar" is the latest cinematic masterpiece to come out from Clint Eastwood. Backed by a truly all-star cast, it is a truly high-quality film. Leonardo DiCaprio is J. Edgar Hoover, the leader and creater of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The keeper of all the files, knower of secrets, king of the cloak and dagger. This is his story -- how he came to be, who he was behind closed doors, and the demons that would have shamed him across America.

First off, not everyone will like this movie. It is very slow, in the same vein as "Gran Torino" and "Million Dollar Baby," classic Eastwood. Through flashbacks and memories, J. Edgar tells the story of his bureau and how he started directing it.

The two greatest elements of this film are the cast and their make-up. Along with DiCaprio, Dame Judi Dench plays his mother; Naomi Watts plays his personal secretary Helen Gandry; Armie Hammer is the Assistant Director of the FBI and J. Edgar's possible love interest; and Jeffery Donovan is Robert Kennedy. All in all, a fantastic cast that will undoubtely win several Oscars for their performances.

Now, since this is really a series of flashbacks, you have an old version of the cast and a young version. Most of the time, the make-up isn't fantastic, or you have other actors portraying the different ages of characters, but this make-up team did a fantastic job of aging the main actors J. Edgar Hoover, Clyde Tolson and Helen Gandry. Simply phenominal.

So the bottom line? See this movie. Maybe not necessarily in theaters, but it's worth a watch at least on DVD.

It is rated R for language, violence and sexual situations including a man-on-man kiss. The film runs 137 minutes.

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