DORAVILLE: Questions remain about Express Lanes

5:58 PM, Sep 30, 2011   |    comments
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I-85 Express Lanes

ATLANTA -- After months of discussion and debate, the I-85 Express Lanes are about to open.

11Alive viewers still have plenty of questions about how the new toll lanes will work.

11Alive's Commuter Dude recently posted 8 Things You Need to Know about the Express Lanes. You can find his article here.

We invited viewers to send us additional questions through our Facebook page, and we got quite a response.

To ride in the express lanes for free, you must have a Peach Pass and three or more in your vehicle.

"Do two adults and a child count as three in the car?" one 11Alive view asks.

The simple answer from the State Road and Tollway Authority, "yes."

Another viewer asked for an explanation on how to mount a Peach Pass in the car. SRTA said that the pass should be placed inside of the windshield just below the rearview mirror, much like a Georgia 400 Cruise Card. SRTA says instructions will come with the pass, and there should be an instructional video on the SRTA web site soon.

"Where do you place the Peach Pass if you have a motorcycle?" another viewer asks.

SRTA says to place it on the windshield. If your motorcycle doesn't have one, you should be okay to travel in the Express Lane without mounting the pass as long as you have a pass and it's registered with SRTA.

"I'm afraid when I travel I-85 it will pick up 'waves' and charge me even when I'm not traveling in the Express Lane," writes another viewer.

A SRTA spokesperson says the Peach Pass technology will not read "waves" from vehicles that are not in the Express Lanes.

"What is the plan for jams at exit points?" asks another 11Alive viewer, noting that heavy traffic would make it difficult to cross several lanes from the Express Lane to an exit.

"Motorists should enter and exit Express Lanes just as they enter and exit the HOV lanes today," said SRTA spokesperson Malika Reed Wilkins.

"How many Peach Passes have been picked up by potential customers?" asks another 11Alive Facebook friend.

The answer from SRTA is 73,000 with more to come.

"What happens when you use this lane without a Peach Pass, but have three people in the car?" asks another traveler, who notes that people from out of state may want to use the lanes.

"It is a registered lane, so all who enter must have a Peach Pass," said Malika Reed Wilkins in response. "If not, they will receive a violation notice in the mail."

SRTA sais there will be a grace period for motorists to get accustomed to the new toll lanes, but won't say how long that will last.

You can find more information on the State Road and Tollway Authority web site. 

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