Lots of rules for the new express lanes on I-85

9:53 PM, Sep 16, 2011   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- The new express lanes on Interstate 85 will go into effect on Saturday, October 1. Keep in mind there's lots of signs, lots of rules and lots of cameras along the 16-mile stretch.

To use the new lanes, motorists will have to have a transponder on their front windshield. The same transponders are being used for the new PeachPass on Georgia 400. Car owners can get one by going to the Georgia Tollway Authority's website.

Any car that does not have the transponder and uses the lanes can be fined $25 -- plus the mileage charges. Those fees run anywhere from 10 cents to 90 cents per mile, depending on the time of day the lanes are used.

Double white lines separate the new express lanes from the local lanes along much of the route. Motorists who enter and exit the lanes by crossing the double white line instead of at the designated points can get in trouble to the tune of fines running from $25 to $150.

Cameras are on the center medians above the express lanes watching and recording every move of every vehicle in the lanes.

Motorists with three or more people in their cars get to ride in the lanes for free. With less than three people in the car, any motorist using the lanes without registering in advance with the Georgia Tollway Authority can face fines of anywhere from $75 to $150.

11Alive's Bill Liss suggested the Georgia Tollway Authority give an initial grace period of no fines, but the length of that grace period is still under study.

The Georgia Department of Transportation is studying the addition of more entry and exit points from the express lanes, and will make recommendations at a later date.

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