Renting Textbooks to Save Cash

4:36 PM, Jul 19, 2011   |    comments
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Wednesday, July 20,2011

On the business beat our focus is on renting textbooks and a new competitor for Groupon and Living Social.

An important way this morning for college students to save money.

It's renting text books and its coming from Amazon.
The Internet shopping giant says you can now rent text books through its Kindle application that will save you up to 80%.

The books can be rented for anywhere from 30 days to a year.

And American Express going after Groupon and LivingSocial this morning in offering daily deals.

The Credit Card giant is launching a Facebook application that will offer personalized coupons based on what cardholders like and do.

But for Amex there is a twist.

You pick the deal you want and its put into your account but the money is not charged until you actually take advantage of the deal--unlike others where you pay up front.

Industry trackers on the other deals where people pay up front--some 20% of the paid-up offers go unused.

And talking daily deals, watch for Facebook and Google also now getting into the daily deal business.

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