Who are America's top earning athletes?

11:42 AM, Jun 17, 2011   |    comments
Tiger Woods (AP)
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ATLANTA - Sports Illustrated has compiled the top 50 highest earning American athletes based on salaries, winnings, endorsements and appearance fees.

The average earnings of those on this year's list has reached $26.2 million. And despite his tarnished image, Tiger Woods was still the number one athlete on the list with a total of more than $90 million. Out of that, $70 million was in endorsements, and that's even after being dropped by major endorsers Gatorade, AT&T and Accenture.

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Golfer Phil Mickelson comes in $30 million lower, but at more than $61 million, he's in the number 2 slot. Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. is at number 3 with more than $60 million -- $40 million of that coming in purses and pay-per-view sales from his major bouts with Juan Manuel Marquez and Sugar Shane Mosley.

The NBA's LeBron James netted nearly $46 million, $30 million of that in endorsement deals. Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees rounds out the top five at $37 million.

Two athletes with local ties are just below the top ten - former UGA quarterback Matthew Stafford is at number 11 with more than $27 million, and Orlando's Dwight Howard is at number 12 with right at $27 million.

The top ten list:

1 - Tiger Woods, golfer
2 - Phil Mickelson, golfer
3 - Floyd Mayweather Jr., boxer
4 - LeBron James, Miami Heat (NBA)
5 - Alex Rodriguez, New York Yankees (MLB)
6 - Shaquille O'Neal, (likely) retired (NBA)
7 - Kobe Bryant, Los Angeles Lakers (NBA)
8 - Derek Jeter, New York Yankees (MLB)
9 - Peyton Manning, Indianapolis Colts (NFL)
10 - Dwayne Wade, Miami Heat (NBA)

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