AirTran Sale & A Serious Drug Shortage

8:09 AM, Jun 14, 2011   |    comments
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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

On the Business Beat our focus is on another airfare sale, loans for small business and a serious drug shortage.

It's Tuesday so it must be another AirTran airfare sale.

You have more than 2 days on this one though.
You can purchase the 10 day advance purchase tickets through June 28 and use them from June 25 to November 15.

Discount travel to the Caribbean starts at the end of August and runs through mid-November.

And some encourages news for small business this morning.

Twelve investment firms are raising more than $1-billion to get loans and cash to small businesses.

With more than half of all new jobs coming from small business, Bloomberg News reports, the sector is vital for job creation and expansion.

And a caution this morning on drug supplies

The FDA is reporting that drug shortages are at an all time high. They include drugs to treat cancer, along with anesthesia drugs and medicines used on crash carts.

Reasons include recalls, and discontinuing older drugs where patents have run out and replacing them with newer and sometimes more expensive ones.

Hardest hit are patients in hospitals with IV drugs and other medications.

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