Save On Gas by Shopping Close to Home

7:20 PM, Apr 20, 2011   |    comments
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A father and son in New York have developed a website and smart phone application called that allows consumers to search for discounts and sales at local stores within a zip code.

Udi Falkson said finding discounts close to home can save consumers at the gas pump. "Gas prices are high so what you need to do is plan your trip ahead of time.  Instead of driving around to five shoe stores if you want to buy shoes what you do is go on our website and find out which stores have sales," he said.

The site is free nationwide and Falkson says retailers don't have to pay to be listed. Once you register, type in your zip code and the item you are looking for, or browse through categories like Baby and Toddler, Electronics and Home Improvement. is not totally foolproof.  We did a search for Easter Candy and found good sales at Walgreen's and CVS but Candies's brand shoes and clothing came up as well. doesn't rank the results by price; it lists them by location from closest to the consumer's zipcode to furthest.

Falkson said more stores are being adding all the time. He said retailers do not pay to be placed on the site.

There is a Sale Locator iPhone app as well.


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