Try It Review: Dr. ColorChip paint repair kit

12:58 PM, Apr 1, 2011   |    comments
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Dr. ColorChip Paint Chip Repair Kit

ATLANTA -- Rich Baxter considers himself a car buff and can't stand those annoying paint chips he gets when driving around.

"You see a lot of the chips, a lot of small chips," he said as he surveyed his Saab, "and this is the larger one that goes down to the steel."

Also as a real estate agent, he's always taking clients around in his car.

"With my business and taking people out in my car a lot, you want to have it look professional," he said, "just like I'm dressed professionally."

The Dr. ColorChip paint chip repair kit promises that anyone can easily repair paint chips and get professional results in minutes.

Rich thought that sounded too good to be true so he was eager to give it a try.

To get started you must go to the Dr. ColorChip web site and enter your car's year, make and model to find the matching factory paint color code. Kits run $40 to $60 plus shipping and handling.

In less than a week the kit arrived in the mail.

Rich thought the color looked like a good match. "It looks about right," he said.

Application is pretty easy. Just dab the paint onto the chip and immediately smear it flat with your thumb.

Rich let the paint dry for a couple of minutes then rubbed off the excess with a special blending solution. Then he buffs the entire area.

"The excess paint is buffing off so I don't have little paint brush marks on it," he said.

Unfortunately the final results were not what Rich was hoping for.

"It's really not doing a ton to fill in the holes," he said.

In the sales material, the Dr. ColorChip appears to return the car's finish to "like new" condition. But even after a couple of applications - while the chips on Rich's Saab were colored in a little, he could still see them.

"None of them really look like they've been done," he said, "and certainly not a smooth surface. I don't think it really did much of anything honestly."

Dr. ColorChip guarantees that the paint will match your car but not that you will be satisfied with the repair.

Rich is thinking his next stop will have to be a body shop.

"My rating for the Dr. ColorChip is two thumbs down."

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