Try It Review: Fix It Wood

2:14 PM, Mar 1, 2011   |    comments
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Fix It Wood By Simoniz

STONE MOUNTAIN -- Wanda McKay has three kids who are now teenagers and her furniture has the scars to prove it.

"That's a scratch," she said pointing at her table top.

There are scratches on her console, coffee table and dining room chairs. Wanda was at a loss.

"I have too many scratches and nothing seems to work besides painting it," she said.

Fix It for Wood by Simoniz says it's a fast action wood scratch remover. Their claim - "just spray it on and the scratch is gone."

That sounded like the miracle product Wanda was praying for. So she was more than happy to see if it really works.

The directions are simple. Wear protective gloves. Apply with a lint-free cloth or spray directly on the wood. Then wipe off and buff.

After applying as directed, Wanda wasn't overly impressed.
"It hid it a little," she said.

She tried another spot. Things looked promising when she sprayed the Fix It on the scratch. But when she wiped the liquid away the scratch reappeared.

"It came on right back out," she said.

Her dining room chair has some bad scratches on the back. So Wanda tried again.

"You can still see it," she said. "Not as bad though. It covered it up like from a distance it's fine. But if you actually walk over to it you see the scratch."

Fix it for wood comes in two bottles, one for light wood and one for dark. They claim it will work on any wood and any color.

Wanda tried the light color on her maple coffee table.

"But I'm changing the color a little bit," she complained as she pointed to the section she treated that was now darker than the untreated section.

"I think the Fix It can camouflage the scratch," she said. "But I really don't think it fixes the scratches."

Fix It Wood sells for $10 retail. Wanda said she didn't think it was worth buying for the results she got on her furniture.

"My rating for the Fix It for Wood," she said, "would be thumbs down."

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