Try It Review: Style Snaps

12:48 PM, Feb 23, 2011   |    comments
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Style Snaps

STONE MOUNTAIN -- Trai Watson works from home for a telecommunications giant.  Sometimes she likes to keep her flats on while maneuvering in the house.

But when she leaves to run errands or meet up with her three children, she has to put on her heels. Otherwise she's singing the song made famous by American Idol contestant Larry Platt - "Pants on the Ground."

"They just buckle at the bottom of my shoes when I wear my flats," she said. "It's sad."

So Trai was eager to see if the Style Snaps will help her out without a stitch in a snap.

The Style Snaps by Hemming My Way claims it is the first snap and hem solution. It sells for $10 plus shipping and handling.

Trai read the directions and tried hemming a pair of her favorite jeans.  First she folded her pants to the proper length. Then she removed the paper backing from the Style Snap to expose the adhesive and attached it to her pants.

You must use four snaps in each leg. That's eight per pair of pants. The box comes with 16 Style Snaps, enough for two pairs of pants.

The maker claims they are interchangeable and can be easily moved to different clothes.

Trai said it was simple to do and the snaps seemed to make it easy to hem and unhem the pants.

"It looks okay," she said.

But Trai was concerned about the look of the hem because she likes to see the stitching and a flat crease.

Then she tried the pants on.

"It worked," she said. "But the appearance wasn't there for me."

The maker claims Style Snaps can also be used to adjust lapels, belts and shirts.

Trai's final rating? "For the Style Snap I give it one thumb down and one thumb up," she said. "It does what it says but it's not pretty."

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