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Gwinnett Child Murders Recall 1992 Case

6:12 PM, Feb 15, 2011   |    comments
Kenny Hardwick is now serving a life sentence for the murder of his daughter, Haley Hardwick.
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LAWRENCEVILLE, GA -- Thankfully, the case police worked in Gwinnett County last week is exceedingly rare. Two small children, stabbed to death, a third critically injured -- and their father, Elvis Garcia, accused of the murders.

Former Gwinnett County police investigator Jaclyn White says the Gwinnett case appears to be even more atypical -- because of evidence that the father planned the killing of his own children.

"It's just an explosion of temper usually," White said. "If it didn't happen in the heat of the moment, like a split second flare of temper, the person would have to be psychopathic, have no conscience."

White was a court administrator when another Gwinnett County murder case shocked the community's conscience 18 years ago.

In July 1992, a young father named Kenny Hardwick reported that two men had abducted his 8-month-old daughter Haley. The father immediately fell under suspicion.

Three weeks later, police found the child's body in a shallow grave, and charged the father with murder.

Jaclyn White wrote a book about the Hardwick case. In that case, and the Garcia case, she says both fathers initially misdirected investigators. Elvis Garcia accused another man of the lethal attack on his children.

But Hardwick's attack on his daughter appeared to be fueled by alcohol and frustration over a crying baby. The Garcia case, White says, is simply inexplicable -- even by the twisted standards of child murder.



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