Georgia Restaurant Inspection Reports

2:19 PM, Feb 18, 2011   |    comments
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  • Grading restaurants at your fingertips.
  • Laurie Wentworth, a compliance specialist with Hall County takes us on a restaurant health inspection.
  • Critical temperatures and cross contamination issues are big things that she checks.

ATLANTA -- Finding a good restaurant is more than just good food and service. You may also want to check out their score on their most recent health inspection report.

"If you're immunocompromised, it's always going to be a concern," Tim Callahan told 11Alive's Center for Investigative Action as he demonstrated Georgia's new Restaurant Health Inspection Reports database. 

Now you can find health inspection reports on nearly every restaurant in the state. You can see their score, where they failed and passed and even take a look at the health inspector's notes. 

"They're not required to be posted on the [restaurant's] wall, but you can go and read exactly was found," Callahan said. 

Darron Edens and his family are thankful for the service, because now they can check out a restaurant before they leave their Snellville home.

"We've asked for their grade and they say an 82; we say sorry we can't eat here," Widens said. In fact, he says because his mother is a transplant patient, he won't take her to a restaurant with a score lower than 96.

The American Medical Association has issued no guidelines about health inspection scores on restaurants and their relationship to food safety risk for transplant patients.

However, your doctor may have some advice for you. More importantly, with Georgia's new website, you can educate yourself and make your own decisions.

The state recently rolled out the site, and as it moves forward you'll be able to see a restaurant's last 5 reports. 

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