Who's Selling More Jerseys in ATL: Falcons or Vick?

10:08 PM, Dec 28, 2010   |    comments
Michael Vick
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Yes, the Falcons are 12-3 and playing great, but the NFL's biggest story this season has been their former star quarterback.

"[The customers are] looking for #7," says David Klingman, who runs the Pro Image sports store at Discover Mills in Lawrenceville. "It's Vick or nothing."

Klingman has been fresh out of Vick's Eagles jersey for two weeks.

"We still have Matt Ryan, we still have [Tony] Gonzalez, we still have [Michael] Turner," he says. "Vick? I'm all out. And I'm on two weeks back order."

Klingman says he sells roughly six jerseys a week of Falcon stars Ryan, Turner, and Roddy White. He sells 12 jerseys a week of Vick -- when he has them in stock.

Several other local retailers confirmed similar results.

Is an opposing player really doubling the Falcons in sales in their home city? According to Klingman, "The only thing that even comes close is maybe a couple of years ago with Brett Favre in his prime."

Of course, Vick isn't your normal opponent, having been the Falcons' foundation for several years and gone through a controversial jail sentence and suspension for dogfighting.

That said, these aren't your normal Falcons -- likely Super Bowl contenders who have had the same star players for several years. That is partially why, Klingman says, people aren't stampeding for their jerseys-- they might already own them.

As for Vick, Klingman says, "I think [the fans] remember the good times here. I think there's a lot of support for him because he has, ever since then, cleaned up his act."

And, of course, Vick just happens to be playing at an MVP level. 

And if none of the previous numbers surprise you, maybe this will: Klingman says he is selling roughly the amount of Vick Eagles jerseys now as he sold Vick Falcons jerseys back when the QB played in Atlanta.

"The fact that they could play Atlanta in the NFC Championship," Klingman says, "makes it that much more exciting."









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