Georgia Seeks to Expand Voter Registration Requirements

6:45 PM, Nov 15, 2010   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- You're supposed to be a US citizen to vote. Georgia wants you to prove it and is asking for the federal government's approval.

The state needs federal preclearance to enact a law Gov. Sonny Perdue signed last year. Act 143 would require new voter registration applicants to provide proof of citizenship when they first register to vote.

State Secretary Brian Kemp announced Monday that the state has filed suit in federal court to make the policy change official.

"With the voter roll protections of Act 143 in place, Georgia will serve as a model for election security and integrity," Kemp said a statement.

The Justice Department has already precleared the state's Help America Vote Act voter verification process, which allows Georgia to check a reigstering voter's information against data from the Department of Drivers Services and Social Security Administration.

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