T.I.: Prison Will Make Him "A Better Person"

8:11 PM, Oct 18, 2010   |    comments
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Clifford "T.I." Harris at Federal Court October 15, 2010

ATLANTA -- "After this, I will become a better person," said Clifford Harris, the Atlanta rapper known as T.I. Resigned to spending another 11 months in federal prison, he spent part of this day acknowledging his own responsibility for his undoing.

"I am not without flaw. One thing from my flaws that I have always done, I have accepted responsibility," he said.

In 2008 Harris had pleaded guilty to a weapons charge in exchange for a light prison sentence and probation. During his probation, police in California arrested him on a drug charge. Friday in Atlanta, a federal judge ordered Harris back to prison.

Harris spoke on V-103 Monday, on the radio program that led him Wednesday to Midtown Atlanta. After calling the host of the program and driving to Midtown, police put Harris in touch with a suicidal young man on the roof of Colony Square.

Joshua Starks was the man on the roof. He and Harris chatted during a radio interview Monday. Starks told us that the rapper's appearance Wednesday was unexpected and unstaged. Starks says Harris deserves genuine credit for changing his attitude Monday.

Harris's attorneys had asked the federal court judge to consider Wednesday's encounter with the man on the rooftop as he weighed the probation violation. Harris says it's now behind him -- all of it.

"I'm truly sorry and apologetic for having to put people who have supported me in this position. I won't say I'm sorry. I'll show I'm sorry. I'll speak with my actions," Harris said.

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