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Evicted Tenants Break Into Home, Live In "Filth"

10:42 PM, Oct 11, 2010   |    comments
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Home where 10 people were squatting, living in filth.

LITHONIA, GA -- Eight people were charged with burglary after they were found squatting in a home they were evicted from. A three year old child and a three month old baby were living with them. The home had no running water and no utilities.

The mobile home on Railroad Street in Lithonia has been in the Turner family for years. Brothers Greg and Corey Turner checked on the home Monday morning. It was supposed to be vacant but there were people living in it.

DeKalb County police charged six adults and two juveniles with burglary. Tammy Bentford, age 40, Travon Elliot, age 19, Quinesha Suttles, age 19, Bobby Suttles, age 18, Samariyon Suttles, age 17 and Khristahoan Kelsey, age 17 were all arrested. A 16 year old girl and 15-year old boy were also arrested. They are not being identified because they are juveniles.

"The three month old and the three year old were turned over to DFACS," said Mekka Parish, a spokesperson for the DeKalb County Police Department. "There was no running water nor was there any power running to that home and definitely they were living in conditions that were not ideal especially for children."

Corey Turner said he is familiar with the people. They used to live in the home until they were evicted in September because they didn't pay their rent, he said.

Turner said there was debris all over the house. "It is unbelievable to believe they would stay in something like this," Turner said. "To live in filth, this was filth they were living in."

Parish said the ten people who were living in the home had other options. "Our detectives believe that these individuals had in fact had another location to reside but they chose not to, and chose to break back into this property and reside there," she said.

Corey Turner said he thinks the people broke into the home shortly after they were evicted by kicking in the front door. He and his family and friends spent Monday cleaning up the property, inside and outside the home.

He said he found spoiled meat in a refrigerator that was not plugged in. A stove was missing from the home. Ceilings and walls had holes in them and electrical fixtures were ripped out. Floor heat vent caps were removed and used as ash trays and garbage receptacles.

"Never in my life have I seen this kind of condition and a child didn't deserve this or any teenager," Turner said.

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