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Getting Holiday Airfares & "All Natural" Ice Cream

2:41 PM, Oct 6, 2010   |    comments
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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

ATLANTA---On the Business Beat our focus is on holiday travel and changes to your favorite ice cream.

If you are planning to fly out for the holidays--you can expect good airfares hard to find. Most carriers also now charge an add-on fee if you travel on heavy holiday travel days. But there is a way you can find good fares.

Go to Airfare

You can sign up for fare alerts that not let you pick the airport you want, like Hartsfield-Jackson, but also lets you pick the special route you are looking for.

The New York Times reports another good source is also has an iPhone application and a Twitter feed.

Best bet--don't waste time and get on it right away if you expect to get any kind of a deal for holiday travel.

And if you're a fan of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream and saw ALL NATURAL across the top of the label---its about to disappear.

Bowing to a health advocacy group, the Vermont ice cream maker says rather than battle over the fine-line definition of ALL NATURAL it will simply drop the name.

The Government says if products does not contain added color, artificial flavor or synthetic substances they use the name but Ben & Jerry's says it's not worth arguing over it.

Bottom line--they don't plan to change anything about how the produce the ice cream.

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