GBI: Lynn Turner Masterminded Her Own Death

10:15 PM, Sep 15, 2010   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- The woman who master minded the murders of two love interests, master minded her own death according to the State's Chief Medical Examiner.

Dr. Kris Sperry said Turner died from an overdose of the blood pressure medication propanolol which she was prescribed. "Toxicology studies revealed that Ms. Turner had a lethal level of this drug in her blood indicating that she had ingested an amount well above the prescribed dose," Dr. Sperry said in a statement. "The death is being classified as a suicide."

Lynn Turner laced her late husband Glenn Turner's Gatorade with anti-freeze to poison him. She did the same to her boyfriend Randy Thompson. Their deaths were excruciatingly painful, taking days of sickness before succumbing. Dr. Sperry said her death would have been much quicker and less painful. She took more than twice the lethal dose.

The GBI said Turner may have horded the prescribed medication. "She had to know what she was doing," said GBI spokesperson John Bankhead. "If there's anybody out there that would have known how to kill or poison a person, it would be Lynn Turner."

Turner was found dead in her jail cell at Metro State Prison in Atlanta on the morning of August 30th. GBI investigators say Turner may have taken the massive quantity of propanolol with Kool Aid. One of her cell mates told investigators she saw Turner drinking Kool Aid before she went to bed.

The same day she took her life she was visited at the prison by her mother and her two children. The GBI said she gave them no indication what her intentions were.

The GBI played an integral role in the investigations into the deaths of Glenn Turner, a Cobb County Police Officer, and Randy Thompson, a Forsyth County Fire Fighter. They said Turner methodically researched the effects of ethylene-glycol (anti-freeze) poisoning, a form of murder they hadn't seen before. They believe she did the same methodical research into her own death. "Turner had access to the prison library, books and computers," Bankhead said. She was taking a number of medications.

"She had a certain amount of drugs that were prescribed and she apparently knew enough about those drugs to pick this particular one to take," Bankhead said.

She chose propanolol, the one that she could overdose on and die from.

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