EXCLUSIVE: GOP Rep. Tom Price Blames Ethics Probe on Democrats

6:17 PM, Sep 2, 2010   |    comments
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CANTON, GA - "Just remember, Price, they don't shoot at you 'til you're over the target."

According to Republican Georgia Congressman Tom Price, "they" are the Democratic Party which he says is targeting him because they're hurting.

That quote from a fellow GOP Congressman and former POW was Price's only reference to his recent potential ethics problems during a Thursday speech to a Cherokee County Chamber of Commerce breakfast.

"We have a group in Washington now who're investigating absolutely everything," Rep. Price told 11Alive News in a one-on-one exclusive tv interview just before his speech.

That's what he thinks about the non-partisan Office of Congressional Ethics recommending earlier this week that he be investigated by the House Ethics Committee for accepting tens of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions just before he voted against a financial reform bill last December.

Many of those contributors were opposed to the bill, but Price insists he wasn't selling his vote because he was already against the Democratic legislation.

"My opposition to that was clearly on record for a long period of time, so, you know, we're living in a new world right now and it's a kind of Alice In Wonderland world," the congressman told us.

Price is one of eight members of congress originally targeted by the OCE contribution probe last spring.

This week it narrowed the list to only three, which still includes Price, one other Republican and a Democrat.

With a possible GOP takeover of the U.S. House looming in the November election, Price suggests he's being targeted because he heads the 130-member conservative caucus, the largest in Congress.

When we asked if he thinks there's a political motivation behind the investigation, the Roswell Republican replied, "Well, we've gotten to such a point in this stage right now that that's the only answer that I can come to logically."

Even if the House Ethics Committee decides to investigate Rep. Price, it won't be because he's suspected of breaking any laws.

It would be over what's called the "appearance of impropriety".

Price says he looks forward to the whole thing being thrown out.

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