Deal's Attorney: No Grand Jury

10:50 PM, Aug 30, 2010   |    comments
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Nathan Deal (R)

Atlanta-It has been a major issue in the race for Georgia Governor.

A federal grand jury subpoenaed records and testimony from a top state official in June involving candidate Nathan Deal and a business arrangement he had with the state for 20 years.

Little has been known about the inquiry.

Mr. Deal's attorney had declined to say much about the issue until now.

Nathan Deal's Attorney Randy Evans told 11Alive Reporter Jeff Hullinger there is zero chance of a federal grand jury investigating the Republican candidate for governor.

" There are people are who have political interests who try perpetuate false rumors and they will continue to repeat them after you look them in the eye even though they are not true."

This was Mr. Evans first interview on the subject, "All this stuff out there is simply not true. "There will be no September or October surprise"

Mr. Evans said if anyone would know- - it would be him--Mr. Deal's attorney. Georgia Revenue Commissioner Bart Graham was subpoenead to appear before a grand jury according to documents in the Georgia Open Records Act.

"There is no grand jury, that's just not true," says Mr. Evans

The Dean Emirtus of the University of Georgia Law School Ron Carlson agrees,

"The House Ethics Committee never followed up with the report of the Ethics Office- - that might support assertions by the Deal camp there is no grand jury activity."

However Dean Carlson adds, " on the other hand, if there is no activity there is no way to find out about it. Under a subpoena the authorities are taking a hard look one would suspect there is a reason for suspicions but not proof positive"

The Barnes campaign reaction late this afternoon did not reference a grand jury stating, " Congressman Deal fled Washington D.C. because he faced a congressional ehtics investigation into his no bid state contract." 













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