Kickboxer Adrienne Simmons' Boyfriend: Delayed Medical Care a Factor in Her Death

8:11 AM, Jul 28, 2010   |    comments
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Adrienne Simmons (

ATLANTA, Ga. -- Friends of an Atlanta kickboxer are mourning her death during a tournament.

Adrienne Simmons, 34, died Monday after being struck in the head during her match on Sunday in Orlando.

"She took a left hook to the head and went down," said an Atlanta friend, Nick Dekay.

Simmons was knocked unconscious during the final round of a three-round fight.

Simmons' boyfriend, Chike Lindsay-Ajudua of Atlanta, told 11Alive News that there was no ambulance and there were no paramedics standing by at the tournament Sunday, and that it took an hour for Simmons to get hospital treatment.

"It took over half an hour after the incident for her to even be loaded onto a gurney for transport," Lindsay-Ajudua said. "Transportation took another 20 minutes, which gave over an hour of time for the swelling of her brain to get to a point where there was little that doctors could do.... The severity of this accident is a direct result of the proper precautions not being taken by the IKF [International Kickboxing Federation]."

As of late Tuesday night, the president of the International Kickboxing Federation, Steve Fossom, had not returned messages that 11Alive News left for him.

All that Adrienne Simmons' friends in Atlanta know is how much they admired her, how much they'll miss her.

"She was fully aware of the risks inherent in this sport, as we all are," said Nick Dekay. Simmons trained and worked for a while at Dekay's midtown Atlanta gym, Unit 2 Fitness.

He said he understands what attracted Simmons to kickboxing.

"You overcome adversity in this sport," Dekay said, "and if you've ever felt powerless or weak before, this kind of training can really change that."

It was her way of building self-confidence, he said.

Atlanta Kickboxer Dymond Jones said Simmons was a fierce competitor.

"I've seen her come off of losses and still want to get in here and train," Jones said. "And that's a testament to her spirit, you know, no matter what, she still wants to train, she still wants to work harder, and be better."

The Sheriff of Orange County, Florida concluded that Adrienne Simmons' death in the ring Sunday was an accident.

She was doing what she loved, her friends said, in their grief -- and she was looking to her future.

"She was looking to be a very, very high-level female competitor," Dekay said "But additionally, she was doing her Master's Degree to get her teaching -- so she could teach" in the public schools.

The co-promoter of Wild Bill's Fight Night, David Oblas, said Simmons fought in one of his matches about two years ago.

"She was extremely easy to work with and always was laughing, smiling and having a good time." Oblas said. "She was one of those people that you naturally just gravitated to hang out and chat with. She always seemed to enjoy where she was at and even joked minutes up to her fight in the dressing room."

Oblas, host of 790 The Zone's Counter Punch program, said the "combat sports community of Atlanta" will miss her.

Simmons' family is in Alabama. Her friends in Atlanta plan to hold a memorial service for her in Atlanta.

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