Park Atlanta Citing Cars on Neighborhood Streets

6:01 PM, Jun 22, 2010   |    comments
A PARKAtlanta employee checks a parking meter.
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ATLANTA - An Atlanta City Councilman has sent an e-mail to his constituents, warning them that parking enforcement will be taking place on neighborhood streets.

"It's essentially revenue generation, let's not kid ourselves," Councilman Howard Shook said Tuesday.  He represents the City of Atlanta's 7th District, which includes Buckhead.

In his e-mail Shook warned his Buckhead neighbors: park correctly or pay the price.

"I just wanted to make sure that to the extent the city was taking in money, it wasn't at the expense of my neighbors because it is aggravating to come out, you've really done nothing wrong, and you get a $25 citation," Shook said.

Shook says his neighbors are being ticketed for parking in the wrong direction on their own neighborhood streets.  It's an illegal and citable offense, but it's a law that hasn't been enforced until a private company called Park Atlanta started enforcing parking violations.

"What it does mean is a lot of heartburn and sort of whiplash as people find out that a state law that has been on the books forever is suddenly being enforced," Shook said.

Buckhead homeowners faced a similar situation a few years ago when parking was enforced by the city's Public Works Department.  Back then residents spoke out and enforcement stopped.

But Shook worries the neighborhood streets of Buckhead may soon become good hunting ground for Park Atlanta.  "Mostly I've been thanked for warning people if you just take a couple extra seconds and leave your car parked facing the right direction as you're supposed to, you're never going to get a ticket," he said.

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