Mobile Science Lab Will Visit Camps

9:13 AM, Jun 15, 2010   |    comments
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The Science Academy Mobile Lab goes around to homeschool sites, camps, schools and festivals to teach kids about science.

Alpharetta - If you're looking to enrich your child's interest in science this summer help could arrive at a camp near you.

It's the Science Academy Mobile Lab, created by Nell and Joe Estes of Alpharetta to expose kids to the wonders of science at a young age.

"Today we're going ot be studying pH (indicator)," Joe tells a groups of nine kids who have climbed aboard the mobile classroom and are sitting at tables with test tubes and beakers around them.

"Acids that are powerful?", asked Gareth, 9.

"Not powerful. Mild," Joe answered.

This environment uses the scientific method to expose young kids to a hands-on world most don't experience until middle or high school. The Estes will teach kids as young as pre-kindergarten.

"Ten years ago we started a lab in our garage to serve homeschoolers who didn't have a chance to have lab experiences," explained Nell.

The program became so popular that two years ago they put it on wheels inspired by their visit to the George Washington Carver Museum at Tuskegee Institute in Alabama.

"And, were so excited to see the movable school that George Washington Carver used to his education to the people out in his community that couldn't get there," said Nell.

They take it to schools, daycare centers, summer camps, festivals and churches.

"As a home school mom it's hard to give them stuff like that because buying materials. Buying the beakers and buying the microscopes is not something you can afford," said Deedee Muehlbauer, whose children have taken science lessons from the Estes for years.

The inside alone is fascinating.

"I was like, wow, there was a lot of cool stuff in it. A lot of mummified things," explained Gareth, 9.

The van is filled with artifacts collected by the Estes from around the world and on Ebay.

"Our 15 foot rock python skin our friends who were missionaries in West Africa. We also have some really serious scorpions that they have in their collection. And, the children come on and they say, is anything alive, and we say, they're preserved for you to observe," said Nell.

This mobile science experience rates high marks with kids for it's cool factor.

"Most of it is science. But you have a lot of fun doing," said Gareth.

The cost to book the lab for a 30-40 minute presentation is $115 and a two-class minimum is required.

For more information, go to or call (678)624-2234.

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