Legendary Atlanta Restaurant Closing After 30 Years

5:37 PM, Apr 19, 2010   |    comments
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There will be a rip in the fabric of Atlanta after April 30th.
One of this city's legendary restaurants---"Bobby and June's" on fourteenth street--- is closing that day.
It would be easy...and at least partially accurate---to blame the economy.
But a project designed to help traffic dealt "Bobby and June's" a mortal blow.

Bobby and June's owner, Bobby Crowe, stands in the doorway of his restaurant...a familiar figure welcoming his customers.

"How you doing honey?" Bobby greets a lunch customer. "All the way in the back corner."

Since nineteen seventy nine, Bobby and June's Kountry Kitchen.
has welcomed Atlanta diners for breakfast and lunch.
On April thirtieth....Bobby Crowe is hanging it up.

"See that sign up there?" Bobby Crowe points out to a diner. "That's it right yonder. After thirty years."

After thirty years...of serving up steak and gravy....and fried chicken and banana pudding Bobby Crowe will no longer be here, greeting his customers.

"Hey there Mr. Crowe", a guest says to bobby. "I sure hate that sign out there. "Well you know", bobby answers," that bridge killed me."

That bridge killed him, he says.

Why, after thirty years, is Bobby and June's closing? Bobby Crowe will tell you it's because of the construction that shut down the Fourteenth street Bridge."

The bridge was closed for about eighteen months...the project designed to improve traffic flow on Fourteenth Street.

"My sales" Bobby Crowe points out, "I was doing close to...over...seven hundred thousand dollars a year to less than four hundred thousand dollars in just a short time."

Bobby Crowe told his staff last week.
Many, like long time employee Keith Brown, can't believe it.

"Well you know" Keith Brown said, "I've been here all this time and I don't know what's going to happen."

For loyal customers this wasn't just a restaurant.

"I think it's a vestige of Americana" said long time fan of Bobby and June's Linda Black. "Things that have always been...ring true in this country."

Bobby Crowe has been in the restaurant business for over sixty years...he'd like his customers to know that he appreciated their business.


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