Hartsfield-Jackson Ranks First--Ahead By 21 Million Passengers

5:59 PM, Mar 18, 2010   |    comments
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With more than 80 shops, a spacious atrium, and speedy security lines, Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport is still on top.

But the economy is taking its toll.

Delta cut back some 6% of its service last year (with more than 1000 daily departures from Hartsfield-Jackson), while at Discounter AirTran, Christopher White says:

"Last year we cut back our total number of flights around the country by about 3%--which is not as many as our competitors but still a significant change. In the Atlanta market that meant about 50 less departures per day."

And the number of passengers flying in and out of Hartsfield is also down-last year by more than 2%.

Despite fewer flights and fewer passengers, Hartsfield-Jackson continues on top, ahead of its nearest competitor, London, by more than 20-million passengers.
And the passengers keep coming despite added fees.
Just this week Continental Airlines cut out coach food service on flights under 6 hours, and then quietly added fees for choice coach seats.

"As a consumer I don't care for it. Its money out of my pocket. I just got charged for an extra that that I have to take over to where I am going. So it's more money out of my pocket. I don't really care for that, not at all," said John Stokes, an airline passenger on his way to the Middle East.

And frequent fliers like Shelly Andrews have had enough.

"I think its more frustration than anger and if they keep doing it you are going to have more people like me that are going to drive. They are going to say 8-9 hours--I'll just go in the car than pay the extra fees."

But where there is no choice but to fly--passengers are shelling out the fees and coming in by the millions, keeping Hartsfield-Jackson on top.

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