Sexting Scandal at Buckhead School

7:19 PM, Mar 4, 2010   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- Atlanta Police are investigating a sexting scandal at The Lovett School in Buckhead.

Lovett officials confirm that two students, both eighth graders, 'engaged in the electronic transmission of improper images and content.'

School officials say 'one student has been suspended and another student has withdrawn in the face of likely dismissal.'

"Sexting is going on everywhere, sexting is a huge issue in this country right now." Stacey Dewitt, founder of Connect with Kids, says middle schoolers in particular can be big offenders when it comes to sexting.

"The main thing is that they do not have the life skills to understand the consequences of their actions unless adults sit down and educate their children about what can happen. This is a situation where the technology is moving faster than we are, the technology is moving faster than the law, the technology is moving faster sometimes than schools can keep up with, and quite frankly the technology is moving faster than parents can keep up with."

Dewitt says parents must understand the technology, then educate their children. "I think the most important thing parents can do is get informed, understand what the risks are, understand the implications of the technology, put rules in place, make sure you have a values system in place in your home, and that you're passing that on to your children."

Lovett officials would not provide details of the incident but did refer parents to several education websites to help them talk to their children about the safe use of technology.

In the meantime, one student is out at Lovett, and another is suspended while Atlanta Police's Child Exploitation Unit investigates. There is no word if any charges could be filed in the case.

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