Try It Review: Eggstractor

3:00 PM, Mar 2, 2010   |    comments
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  • Peeling hard boiled eggs isn't hard, but getting perfect results can be difficult.  The Eggstractor promises it can make peeling eggs simple and fast.  We review it before you buy it.

    Jill Turner knows that getting cleanly peeled eggs can be tricky.  "It's not always easy," she said.  "Sometimes the peel sticks. Sometime part of the egg comes and it just falls apart."

    The Eggstractor claims it's a revolutionary product that makes peeling eggs quick, easy and convenient.   So Jill pierced the top of her chilled egg and then cracked the bottom of it and set it on the plastic base. Then she covered the egg with the Eggstractor.   The directions say to criss cross your hands over the top of the Eggstractor and give one good, fast push.  Jill did all that but nothing happened.  But Jill gave it several efforts with different eggs. "It just don't work," she said. 

    At that point Jill's friend Pat decided this was a man's job and stepped in.  He gave the Eggstractor a good push and the yoke blew out the bottom, while the egg shell remained on the rest of the egg.  The Eggstractor retails for 25 dollars but no wonder we have seen it on sale for only eight bucks.

    So Jill gave it one more shot,  this time with her foot.  The egg finally came through the Eggstractor but it still wasn't shelled.  "It didn't peel it," Jill said, "it just busted it apart."  Jill said she has bought products in the past that didn't work like she had expected but never like this.  Her rating?  "For the Eggstractor," she said,  "I give it two thumbs down."

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