Where is Atlanta's Safest Neighborhood?

9:12 PM, Feb 24, 2010   |    comments
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SANDY SPRINGS, Ga. -- The neighborhood listed as the safest in the city of Atlanta, according to the AOL website walletpop.com, isn't even in the city of Atlanta.

It's actually in the city of Sandy Springs.

The site lists the safest neighborhoods in each of America's 50 biggest cities to show you don't have to move to the country to find a safe place to live.

The number one spot belongs to the area around Spalding Drive and Jett Ferry Road, according to numbers crunched by neighborhoodscout.com.

The figures are based on the most recent FBI crime reports, but the neighborhood boundaries are based on census data from 2000.

Before Sandy Springs was incorporated in 2005, residents living near Jett Ferry Road and Spalding Drive used an Atlanta mailing address. That's why the neighborhood shows up in the ranking as an Atlanta neighbhorhood.

According to neighborhoodscout.com, your chance of becoming a victim of crime in one year in that neighborhood is 1 in 435.

"Since we moved here eight years ago, I've never heard of anyone having any trouble at all," said resident George Dunn. "It's a terrific place to live."

The neighborhood is now patrolled by the Sandy Springs Police Department. It borders the new city of Dunwoody.

11Alive News checked the crime stats for two other metro Atlanta neighborhoods, chosen at random.

According to neighborhoodscout.com, your chance of becoming a crime victim in the Starrs Mill neighborhood in Peachtree City is 1 in 310. In the Macland/Lost Mountain neighborhood of Powder Springs, it's 1 in 478.

You can check your own neighborhood by logging on to neighborhoodscout.com. Much of the information is free, but specific crime stats require a subscription. 

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