Try It Review: SpongeBob Soap Filled Sponge

2:07 PM, Jan 27, 2010   |    comments
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SpongeBob Soap Filled Bath Sponge by SpongeTech
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  • The SpongeBob SquarePants Soap Filled Bath Sponge is supposed to make bath time hassle free.  We get a mom and daughter to review it before you buy it. 

    Three year-old Eliza Schloss loves taking baths.  In fact her mom, Reay, says it can be tough to get her out.  "I like rubber duckies," Eliza said.  Now Spongetech is hoping kids will put away their rubber ducks and pick up a new soap filled bath sponge in the shape of SpongeBob.

    "Sponge Bob!" Eliza screamed.  It was love at first sight.  "Cool," she said.  So Eliza and mom headed to the bathroom to give it a thorough testing.  Eliza put the sponge in the water and squeezed it to activate the soap.  "Whoa, soap," she said.  "It makes bubbles."

    There's no need for bars of soap or wash cloths, it's all-in-one. The soap is non-toxic, paraben-free and gentle for young skin and eyes.  When Eliza washed her face, she just laughed.  "That was funny,"  she said.  The sponge sells for $8 but is supposed to have enough soap for multiple uses. Just squeeze it out after the bath and let it air dry. Mom thought it would be perfect for travel.   "It's kind of nice because it's thicker and it's easy to hold on to," Reay said.  "She can wash herself with it."

    The sponge sells at leading drug stores like CVS and Walgreens and on-line. In addition to SpongeBob, SpongeTech also sells Dora the Explorer, The Pink Panther, a football and star-fish shaped sponges.

    After Eliza was squeaky clean she gave the sponge two thumbs up.  Her mom agreed.

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