Try It Review: Micro Smores

12:29 PM, Jan 12, 2010   |    comments
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Micro S'mores

Selena Samuelson has fond memories of making s'mores as a child.  "Generally you cook outdoors over a camp fire, you know, when you're getting together with a bunch of friends and family," she said.  But building and cooking over a fire is not always possible, making s'mores a rare treat. 

The Micro S'mores says it will let you make this campfire favorite easy as 1, 2, 3 in only ten seconds. Selena was skeptical but agreed to give it a try.  We all remember the recipe.  Just place a chocolate square on a graham cracker, add a marshmallow and cover with another graham cracker.  Then Selena put the Micro S'more cover on the base and lower the plunger.

The directions recommend you cook your s'more for 10 seconds. But at least in Selena's microwave, that didn't seem long enough.  "Well it looks like the marshmallow is done," she said.  "I just don't know that the chocolate is and that's important." 

Selena tried experimenting with the recipe by breaking the chocolate square into two parts and increasing the cooking time to 20 seconds. That seemed to make a big difference. "So that's definitely a little bit more melted," she said.  "That's perfect I think." It Looked perfect, but how about the taste?  "It's not the same as a campfire s'more, but it will work," she said. 

We paid $10 plus shipping and handling for the Micro S'mores. It also comes with a recipe book that has some interesting looking variations of this classic snack. Selena says it's simple enough for the kids to use.  "Oh children would find this way too easy to do probably," she said. 

So if you have a craving for s'mores but don't want to build a fire, will Micro S'mores satisfy that hunger?  Selena thought so, "I would give it two thumbs up."

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