Murder Suspect Kin To Victim In Three Different Ways

9:53 PM, Dec 21, 2009   |    comments
  • Jennifer and Paul Budrawich went missing Saturday while driving to see her children.
  • Jesse James Kilgore was arrested Sunday night in the murder of Jennifer Budrawich.
  • Benjamin Kelly Mullinax
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DAWSONVILLE, GA - It's a bizarre double murder case that has much of North Georgia and many people on the web buzzing.

Maybe that's because one of the two suspects is the stepfather of a victim, was once her uncle by marriage and fathered a child by her.

That suspect, 40-year-old Jesse James Kilgore, said very little when he appeared before a Dawson County Magistrate Judge late Monday afternoon.

When the magistrate asked Kilgore if he could speak, understand, read and write English, Kilgore replied, "Uh, read and write not too good, but I understand it."

Also appearing before that magistrate was Kilgore's nephew, 27-year-old Benjamin Kelly Mullinax.

Both men are being held without bond on two counts of murder and tampering with evidence.

They're accused of shooting to death Kilgore's stepdaughter/niece, 22-year-old Jennifer West Budrawich and her husband, Paul.

The couple live in Effingham County, but had driven to Dawson County to visit some of her children who are staying with relatives.

Dawson County investigators became aware of the case on Saturday when they got a 911 call from Jennifer Budrawich.

Much of the chilling call is unintelligible, but at one point she can be heard pleading with some men, "Why are you shooting at us?"

Later Saturday evening authorities found a car belonging to Budrawich and her husband left in the parking lot of a grocery store in neighboring Pickens County.

Surveillance video, which authorities have not released, apparently shows a man getting out of the Budrawich's car and walking over to another man in a pickup before they drive off.

Authorities say evidence in the car led them to Kilgore and his nephew.

Jennifer Budrawich's body was found in the Amicalola River just a few miles west of Dawsonville on Sunday.

Her husband Paul's body was found only a few hundred yards from the same spot Monday morning.

Dawson County Sheriff Department chief investigator, Major John Cagle, would not discuss a motive for the killings.

He did say they are not related to Kilgore's arrest about six months ago on burglary charges.

Kilgore and Mullinax are set to appear in court again on January 19th for a preliminary hearing where investigators typically disclose a summary of the case

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