The Mystery of Honey The Cat: From Holland, But Found In Georgia

9:02 PM, Dec 21, 2009   |    comments
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DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ga. -- We all want to be home for the holidays. And the Georgia SPCA -- the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals -- is trying to make that happen for one of its residents.

It's a mystery that spans two continents, and involves dozens of animal lovers.

But Honey the cat is still a feline without portfolio.

The animals at the Georgia SPCA are luckier than their mates at the shelters. They will not be euthanized. But they still need homes. Which brings us to Honey, the cat.

"Douglas county animal control received a call" related Georgia SPCA volunteer Carmela Quinlan, "that a cat was under a car and they thought it was injured."

They brought the cat to the shelter and found that it had a chip for identification. And that's when things started to get interesting.

"They had found out" said Quinlan, "that the micro chip was from Holland."

The cat was adopted but quickly returned because of it's condition -- and was likely to be euthanized. But Douglas County called the SPCA..and that's how Carmela Quinlan got involved.

"This poor cat came all the way from Holland" Carmela Quinlan said," with a family, or a person. And now it's lost. And it was on death row. And I guess that's what touched me."

It so happens that Carmela Quinlan has a Dutch born friend -- Mahryanne Tripp.

Mahryanne got on the computer and the phone, and spoke with people in Holland, and followed a number of promising leads -- but the trail went cold.

"I haven't had any luck" Quinlan said. "We had a last name. There was no gender. No first name. There was an address. But they no longer lived at that address."

The guess is that Honey was owned by someone in the military, serving in Holland, and then came to Georgia.

"And even if we can't find the owner and have it re-homed" said Quinlan, "we're going to find someone who could love this cat."

Honey the cat has had a stretch of bad luck, but she has one thing in her favor -- Carmela Quinland and Mahryanne Tripp working to find her a home for the holidays.

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