Try It Review: Marshmallow Shooter

10:44 AM, Dec 7, 2009   |    comments
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Marshmallow Shooter
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  • The Marshmallow Shooter is a pump action toy that says it can shoot mini-marshmallows up to 30 feet.  We ask a group of fifth graders to review it with an eye on fun.

    Are your kids sitting around singing the "got nothin' to do" blues? Try suggesting a food fight and watch their eyes light up.  The Marshmallow Shooter from the Marshmallow Fun Company will turn those sweet confections into flying projectiles faster than you can heat up the hot chocolate.

    Ned Feininger and some of his fifth grade friends thought this toy looked like it could be a blast so they helped us try it before you buy it.  The directions say lift the magazine and fill it with mini-marshmallows.  But as Ned found out marshmallows aren't exactly made to be ammo.  "Oh, they're sticky," he said.  Ned instructed his friends to pick out the smaller, staler marshmallows.  After dropping in 25 marshmallows, Ned re-insert the magazine and snap it into place.

    "It's lock and load," Ned said.  The rapid fire action emptied the shooter out in seconds.   "Cool," he said.  The more you use the shooter the stickier it gets.  "If you put them in sideways they get all discombobulated," Ned said.  It's supposed to shoot up to 30 feet, that is if it doesn't get stuck.  Sometimes the marshmallows stuck together and just dribbled out the barrel.

    Parents are definitely going to want to send their kids outside to play with this toy. Despite all the problems our young testers were having fun.   "It shoots fast and sometimes it shoots five at a time and that will definitely hit your friend," he said.  Remember, the directions warn not to shoot into the mouth, eyes or face. 

    To sum it up, our testers thought the Marshmallow Shooter was fun but messy.  They gave it a thumbs up and a thumbs down.

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